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Licensing Images From This Site

You may ask for a quote online or call us by phone. The online process goes like this:
  1. Go to Registration and provide us with the information we need to deliver your images and bill you for the licensing fee. Once you've sent this form you'll be able to access our Licensing Request Form.
  2. Select the images you want by browsing the portfolios, or using the search facility to find images of specific persons, events or subjects. When you find an image that may suit your needs, you may set it aside in your lightbox by clicking the + sign below the image in each detail page. Access your lightbox from the link on the left.
  3. Click License on the page that contains the large image you're asking about. With the menus and text fields, describe how you intend to use the images so we can determine an appropriate fee. If the images will be used several different ways, send a separate form for each use. The common uses listed in the drop down boxes of the order form will help, but if you have questions or difficulty defining your usage, give us a call.
  4. Click "Send Request" after filling in the order form. We will process your request and our licensing partner, The Image Works, will contact you with a quote. If you have licensing questions, please contact The Image Works at 800-475-8801, or For non-standard requests or for more detailed image information, call Take Stock at 415-479-6994.

Rights and Fees

Take Stock licenses the right to publish pictures, it does not sell the pictures themselves. If we send you prints, they must be returned after use. If we email you scans, they must be destroyed after use. Rates are determined by the amount of usage and are based on current market practices. All images on this site are protected by copyright and are registered with the US Copyright Office. Except for the right to download single copies for purposes of review, no permission is granted to reproduce any image for any purpose (including posting on a web site) unless a license has been issued by Take Stock and a license fee paid. Penalties for unauthorized use are severe, and may include attorney's fees, court costs and statutory damages up to $150,000 per infraction. Beyond these legal penalties, unauthorized copying violates the rights of the photographers, who have risked life and fortune to collect these images for your enjoyment and legitimate use.

Terms and Conditions

To gain access to this site, you accepted our Take Stock Web Site User Agreement. To review this agreement, click here.

When you license images from Take Stock, you're required to accept our Terms and Conditions for Licensing Images from Take Stock. Click here to see this agreement. For a printable copy, save this pdf file on your computer.