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Take Stock houses a unique collection of over 75,000 photographic images focused sharply on just two subjects: The special qualities of these images flow directly from the passionate convictions of the photographers who made them. They were not simply hired professionals on assignment, but talented image-makers dedicated personally to the cause of social justice.

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Matt Herron, 1931—2020

We're very sorry to announce that Matt Herron died in a plane crash on Friday, August 7. Through our licensing affiliate,, we will continue to provide images from this site, and do appreciate your patience.

For those who want to remember him, you can visit this memorial page.

If you have an interest in signed vintage prints, archival silver prints, or exhibits (several from the Selma March) please send a note to Jeannine Herron.

Mississippi Eyes

Mississippi Eyes Cover Matt Herron has written the story of the Southern Documentary Project as it captured the events of Freedom Summer in 1964. The book draws on many images from this site, as well as Herron's own eloquent account of that summer. You can read more about Mississippi Eyes at the author's web site.